Mark Tewkesbury, our Co-founder and Director, has just received confirmation on passing his Non-Executive Director (“NED”) Diploma with the Financial Times, with coursework grades ranging between 83-87% and a final exam result of 95%.

Run in London, The Financial Times Non-Executive Director Diploma is a formally accredited, level 7, postgraduate qualification for aspiring and existing NED’s, providing them with the tools they need to maximise company value and ensure long-term sustainability. The programme covers a whole range of skills needed for a NED role, fulfilling new executive education requirements for board members enabling them to confidently bring competence and credibility to the board and master board power dynamics.

The Diploma focused on the UK Corporate Governance Code 2018 and was broken down into the following modules;

  1. The Effective Non-Executive Director
  2. Director’s Duties and Liabilities
  3. Board Structure and Performance
  4. Audit and Financial Reporting
  5. Risk Management and Internal Control

“I really enjoyed the course and its learning outcomes. The course not only focused on theoretical aspects of Corporate Governance, review of legislation and the UK Corporate Governance Code, but it also placed great emphasis on the use of soft skills which is becoming ever more important in the workplace. I now feel more confident when providing services to my clients, both in my capacity as a NED and as an adviser. The skills I have obtained during this course will be invaluable when challenging executives and contributing to an effective board culture. The aim is to improve and maximise board performance,” said Mark.

Mark Tewkesbury will be receiving his Electronic Certificate from Pearson Education. In addition, a congratulatory notice will be mentioned in the Financial Times now that he has graduated.


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