The global online hackathon, the NFT Vision Hack, has commenced, and is set to continue until 30th August. The event, which is sure to interest many of those seeking help with business development in Gibraltar, has brought together talented creatives and engineers seeking to devise new solutions in the world of non-fungible tokens (NFTs). 

Meanwhile, the Gibraltar government’s business development arm, Gibraltar Finance, has signed up to be an official partner of the NFT Vision Hack.  

What should those in the Gibraltar business world know about this event? 

The hackathon – which began on 3rd July – follows the success of Post-Covid Hack 2020, which saw more than 1,200 participants from around the globe. 

The NFT Vision Hack has been organised by Gibraltar-based Nifty Labs, a partnership between blockchain and NFT pioneer Indorse and Coinsilium, a blockchain and open finance venture builder.

“The future of the industry” 

Digital and financial services minister for the Gibraltar government, Albert Isola, commented: “The NFT Vision Hack 2021 is a wonderful opportunity for industry-leading developers and artists to collaborate, share expertise and find innovative solutions using NFT technologies. 

“Events such as these pave the way for the future of the industry, its uses and applications. As the first jurisdiction to introduce legislation around Distributed Ledger Technology, HM Government of Gibraltar is a proud sponsor of the NFT Vision Hack. We look forward to seeing exciting new solutions as global interest in NFTs continues.” 

The Hack is set to encompass a series of workshops providing the opportunity to find out how to create and market NFTs. Gibraltar Finance is not the only sponsor of the event, with others including Circle, Rarible, IPFS and Filecoin. 

Gaurang Torvekar, Indorse co-founder and CEO, stated: “We will be engaging with leading technology companies and fast-growing blockchain protocols to join the NFT Vision Hack. Sponsors and partners will directly interact with hundreds of blockchain developers and artists, feature in webinars and workshops, benefit from technology adoption and get in touch with an open pool of innovative NFT ideas and POCs.” 

Four track challenges will make up the Hackathon: ‘Build on Rarible protocol’, ‘NFT Payment Solutions’, ‘Scalable NFT Art Projects’, and ‘Gaming and NFTs’. Participants are competing to win more than USD 68,000 in prizes. 

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