Here at TAG Consultancy, we’re sure you’ll agree with us that the past 18 months have posed challenges to businesses throughout Gibraltar – and the wider world – quite unlike those seen previously in living memory. It’s great, then, to see signs of a sterling recovery in the global economy by this point in 2021, with all manner of interesting initiatives underway. 

One such initiative is the six-part series of podcasts that has just been announced by the Gibraltar Federation of Small Businesses (GFSB); indeed, the first episode already went live on 21st September.

What do you need to know about the new GFSB podcasts? 

The GFSB Business Podcast can be accessed on the federation’s website at, as well as through Spotify, iTunes and Google Podcasts. A new episode will be released every Tuesday over the coming five weeks. The series is aimed at small business owners and the wider community, who will get to listen to an insightful interview with a different business leader each week. 

Also packed into each show will be anecdotes, tips, and some more obscure details about the featured individuals and companies – just the kind of thing we suspect many clients of our own accountant services in Gibraltar will appreciate. 

In common with other initiatives by GFSB, the podcast series aims to add value and shine a light on the British Overseas Territory’s independent firms and entrepreneurs as well. 

“We are always looking for new ways to engage with our members” 

Julian Byrne, GFSB chairman, commented: “We are always looking for new ways to engage with our members and the business community in Gibraltar. 

“Sharing important information, providing helpful tips and guidance on business lessons others have learnt is a big part of what the GFSB does. Our social media platforms, website and Intouch magazine reach a wide range of people and businesses, these podcasts will help to expand our reach. 

“In keeping with the times, we felt it was a good time to launch a new way to engage with our members via the GFSB Business Podcast. Our hope is that members will enjoy the podcasts and that this new platform will grow from strength to strength.” 

Listeners to the podcast series – which will be hosted by David Revagliatte – will get to hear from senior leaders at the likes of the Bassadone Automotive Group, Eroski Gibraltar, and MH Bland. 

Our accountants are here to give your business timely support 

As enthusiastic supporters of the various ongoing efforts to help Gibraltar businesses to recover strongly from the coronavirus crisis, we can’t wait to discover what insights the territory’s leaders have to share in the GFSB podcast. 

In the meantime, whatever you require from accountant services in Gibraltar, we are proud here at TAG Consultancy to stand ready to assist. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us now for your free consultation.   


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