The Kingsway road tunnel has finally opened around 15 years after it was first commissioned. This tunnel is located in Gibraltar and it officially opened on 31st March. This means that cars, motorcycles and commercial vehicles can now cross it. 

Why is the Gibraltar runway tunnel so important? 

One of the main purposes of the Gibraltar tunnel, or the Kingsway, is that it is designed to help with traffic flow and to reduce the amount of congestion that occurs between Gibraltar and broader Europe. 

So, no matter what industry someone is working in, whether they are providing AML crypto services to clients like we do here at TAG Consultancy, or lecturing in different universities around the world, this development will hopefully make it far easier for people to travel. 

The original road actually crossed a runway. So, this made it far more complicated for vehicles to cross the road because if a plane was either landing or taking off, the automobile would have been forced to wait. This tunnel will make it so much easier for vehicles in the future, and will help avoid delays that could extend the driver’s travel time.

What can be accessed by using the Gibraltar runway tunnel? 

Essentially, the Gibraltar runway tunnel uses the tunnels and roads that go from the Devil’s Tower Road to the Eastgate roundabout, to act as an access point for different types of vehicles. 

It helps to take travellers from the frontier to Gibraltar International Airport and even the Western Beach and the Four Corners. So, if you have a business or personal trip to the European mainland to embark upon, but currently live and/or work in Gibraltar, you can be sure of getting to your destination in less time than previously.  

Celebrations were held to mark the opening of the tunnel

Quite a few important officials came to celebrate the opening of the Gibraltar road tunnel under the runway road. Both the Chief Minister Fabian Picardo and the former Chief Minister, Sir Peter Caruana, were on hand to formally open the tunnel, with both of them cutting the ribbon on either side of Kingsway’s entry and exit roads. 

Are you ready to use the Gibraltar runway tunnel? 

With the Kingsway tunnel now officially open for vehicles to travel, if you need to get between mainland Europe and Gibraltar, the development represents an important piece of infrastructure for enabling you to do so quickly and smoothly, whether you are a personal, recreational, or business traveller. 

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