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The Miner is a new generation of electric vehicle by innovators at Gibraltar-based Etioca, which is currently touring around the most important cities in the world. And on Thursday 16th February, it landed right here in Gibraltar. 

Exhibited at an event at the Sunborn, hosted by the Gibraltar Israeli Chamber of Commerce, this futuristic vehicle certainly caused a stir. Politicians from across borders were invited to check out the vehicle for themselves, as part of Etioca’s strategy to aid and support Gibraltar’s Economic Development Plan by boosting inwards investment. 

What makes the Miner so state-of-the art?

The Miner intends to target taxi drivers who do not (for whatever reason) own their own vehicle – or taxi drivers looking for an eco-friendlier alternative to their gas-guzzling motor. 

With a spacious body reminiscent of a classic minivan, the aesthetics of the taxi is anything but traditional, boasting a sleek and ultra-modern exterior.  

In addition to its futuristic design, which will certainly turn a few heads, the vehicle boasts a plethora of innovative features, such as LED panels for advertising and streaming media – and most importantly, this vehicle can mine cryptocurrency as it drives. 

Etioca confident the car will be on the streets of Gibraltar as early as 2024

The car will be one of a large fleet of vehicles, which will be available to rent from Etioca by subscribing to their services. It is estimated to cost around 99 cents per kilometre, and the fee includes a daily battery exchange, wash, insurance, and maintenance.

Not only this, but the hope is that it will be just one element of a wider “ecosystem”, which will include electric charging points, car wash, and onboard refreshments, just to name a few examples.

In the future, Etioca also hopes to expand its provisions further, offering school buses and emergency vehicles – which, presumably, would also have the capacity to mine crypto when on the go. 

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