Organisations across both the public and private sectors are subject to an ever-greater threat of cyberattack, a minister of the Gibraltar Government has said at a recent Internet security conference. 

Albert Isola, digital and financial services minister for the British Overseas Territory, stated in his welcoming address at the event at Grand Battery House: “Today, all Government organisations and private businesses live with the threat of a cyber attack regardless of their size.” 

“It is important that we continue to seek ways to stop future attacks” 

As reported by Spanish expat newspaper The Olive Press, the cybersecurity conference was co-hosted by a UK law firm and Gibraltar Finance, which promotes the territory’s strengths in financial services such as funds, traditional and alternative investment management, and insurance companies. 

The event featured speakers from the UK’s National Cyber Security Centre and National Crime Agency, as well as other cybersecurity specialists, who lent the benefit of their knowledge and experience. 

Also present, of course, was Mr Isola, who warned that “the threat of a cyber attack is growing, and it is important that we continue to seek ways to stop future attacks.” 

The barrister and politician added: “Equally important is how we react to an attack when it is occurring, and how we deal with the consequences of an attack after the event.” 

He also drew attention to the role that UK law enforcement agencies had played in influencing the Rock’s approach to cybersecurity. 

“In Gibraltar, we recently established a National Cyber Command to develop Gibraltar’s cyber security strategy,” Mr Isola explained. 

“I am pleased that some of the people involved in this initiative together with members of the Government’s IT department attended the conference.” 

Representing Gibraltar Finance at the event, meanwhile, was Senior Executive Michael Ashton. 

An important lesson for organisations to learn, as the dangers are never far away 

It can perhaps be a little too easy for all manner of individuals and organisations in Gibraltar to underestimate the cybersecurity risk to their own operations. You might have reasoned that you would be too “small”, or not sufficiently influential, to be likely to come under the threat of cyberattack. 

The reality is, though, that no given person or organisation is entirely immune from cybersecurity risks, and the adverse consequences of a successful attack for the victim might hardly bear thinking about. As with so many aspects of life and business, prevention is almost certainly better than cure. Are you seeking any of a range of business-oriented services in Gibraltar to help with your own operations in this jurisdiction, encompassing the likes of accounting, auditing, payroll, blockchain advice, and AML crypto services? If so, we would be pleased here at TAG Consultancy to hear from you; we offer the opportunity of a free consultation to all new clients.


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