Company Manager License acquisitions

On 16th September 2021, the GFSC approved our Co-founder and Director, Mark Tewkesbury, on his application to act as Company Manager for client companies of TAG Management Services Limited, its associates or subsidiaries.

On 24th September 2021, TAG Consultancy received a Company Manager license for its second Company Management firm, TAG Corporate Services Limited.

By way of reminder, TAG Consultancy received its first Company Manager license back in February 2021.

There are now 5 Companies within our Group structure.

What is a Company Manager

A Company Manager provides company or corporate administration by way of business. A Company Manager permission allows a firm to carry out a range of activities, which includes, but is not limited to:

  • the formation, management or administration of companies, partnerships or other unincorporated bodies
  • provision of corporate or individual directorship services
  • provision of corporate or individual secretary or in any other capacity as officer of a company, partnership or other unincorporated body other than a director
  • provision of nominee services, including (without limitation) acting as or providing nominee shareholders; and
  • provision of Registered Office facilities.

What additional benefits does a second Company Manager license provide you with?

As required by law, the same person cannot hold both the Director and Secretary position when there is solely one Director in the Company.

By incorporating a second entity holding a Company Manager license, we are able to provide both the Secretarial and Director positions without needing to outsource this. This again assists us in providing the full suite service offering in-house.

What additional benefits does a license in your own name provide you with?

As required by law, a person cannot hold more than 12 Directorships at any given time when in a Fiduciary capacity.
The acquisition of the Company Manager license was absolutely necessary in order to continue to provide clients with an uninterrupted service offering.

Closing remarks

The team at TAG Consultancy are able to procure Directors and Officers for its clients. Our knowledge and expertise are wide ranging and cover most industries.
If you require Director or Officer Services, please get in touch with us here.

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