We provided you with our last business update 6 months ago in July 2021, and a lot has happened since then. Our business update 2021 Y/E summarises some of our most significant achievements in the last 6 months:

Summary of business update 2021 Y/E

Revenue growth: Revenue has increased dramatically when compared to the previous 6 months, and even more so when compared to this time last year. If current projections hold true, we are expecting a 300% increase from the previous year.

Clients: Our clients have expressed their sincere gratitude in the way that we provide our service offering. We have met all deadlines and have been instrumental in bringing their statement of affairs back into order. We do not just provide an off the shelf package service. We offer a tailor made, personalised service which suits their needs exactly.

Our dynamic team makes use of the latest available software in project management, and this is a key contributor to our success.

Additional hires: Kristia Romey joined us in October as Senior Associate in the accounting and audit department and has been absolutely instrumental in providing a quick, efficient and quality service offering. We brought Kristia over directly from the Philippines and we are expecting two more Senior Associates to join our team to start on 1st March.

We have also engaged with an Associate and a marketing specialist.

We are expecting to therefore have a team size of 8 plus a marketing consultant.

Company Manager Licenses: We received our second Company Manager License and Mark Tewkesbury’s Company Manager license in September, allowing TAG to be able to provide an uninterrupted and full suite service offering.

Compliance Services & procurement of MLRO’s: Our in-house team is now providing all types of Compliance and AML/MLRO services due to the vast experience within the team. As a reminder, Ivan Perez was the previous Chairman of GACO, and Mark Tewkesbury is a Statutory Auditor in Gibraltar.


“Since our last update, our aim was to grow our client base and provide a high-quality service offering. We have done just that. We have seen an average of 20% month on month growth. In fact, our revenues have been growing at this rate since March 2021. December saw a slight dip due to it being a short month but January appears to be fighting back, and with a vengeance, where we are expecting to experience our best month to date.
There has been more than one occasion in the recent past where conversations have led to the idea that TAG has been in the industry for many years, when in fact we have only been in operation for 18 months and we are actually still considered to be a start-up. This really means our presence in the market is strong.”

Next steps

As can be seen from our business update 2021 Y/E, the team at TAG is more focussed than ever. The busy season is fast approaching and we are ready.


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