Prosperity requires accurate & timely accounting

Starting a business is expensive, let our experts guide you through the tasks, ensuring all the relevant paperwork and documents are collated and correctly submitted to the corresponding government departments. We will avoid unnecessary costs incurred as a result of incorrect or late filings, thus saving you valuable time & money.


Spending to much time making sense of the numbers?

TAG Consultancy will manage your bookkeeping and accounting needs. We can visit your office/shop premises to input all your business transactions into the ledgers, generate monthly/yearly reports and ensure all reconciliations are accurate and up to date. Alternatively, we can offer remote access via an online accounting software. We can process all your accounting reports from our very own offices. The bottom line stands – outsourcing your accounting operations will not only cut costs, it will gain you access to our management team’s knowledge and expertise.


When & where do you file my accounts?

In Gibraltar, organisations & individuals must prepare & file Financial Statements to the Income Tax Office – HM Government of Gibraltar, & Companies House Gibraltar on a yearly basis. Failure to do so can result in fines for simply not meeting the deadlines. Beyond the need to organise business accounts, it is important that owners/directors understand the underlying trends and see the financial position of the business at any given time. At TAG Consultancy we will ensure these task are executed on time, we discuss the financial results drawn from the financial statements, and guide you through the process of better decision making and target setting so you are in control of your business.


Valuable insights in just a few clicks

It goes beyond the simple functions of spreadsheets, from generating financial reports, detailed analytics, more efficient data entry allowing you 24/7 access to your accounting records – Online accounting software will save you and your business, time, effort and costs. Our team of accountants will advise you on the most suitable accounting package for your business, we help you with the implementation and train you and you on how everything works. Here are a few accounting packages that our team are fully competent with.